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Rebuilding driveways for a growing community
Rebuilding driveways for a growing community

With a 40-year family history in the Caledon Region, The Gravel Guys have been rebuilding and repairing gravel driveways for a growing community. 

Our expertise is gravel driveways; from 100ft to 1000ft or more, we've got it covered! We offer a variety of materials such as limestone, clear stone, gravel, and most popularly used, recycled asphalt.

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why need a new gravel driveway?

we understand nature is rough..

Simply NO material will last! Weather and traffic heavily impact gravel driveways causing destructive potholes, therefore they must be maintained and taken care of. 

With our road repair & rebuilding equipment along with our extensive experience, we make sure to have your gravel driveway properly put together to have the longest lifespan.

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Free Estimate

We visit every driveway to give a free estimate. Let's get started the right way! 

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1-day service

Most driveways can be done in one day. Whether it's gravel, limestone, or our popular recycled. They can also be driven upon completion.


We offer a variety of materials, recycled asphalt being our most popular. Recycled asphalt constitutes approximately 75% of our driveway rebuilding and has gained tremendous popularity in the last 10 years.

Call and ask about this quality material

recycled asphalt





We take care of any driveway length! From short driveways to long rural driveways. 100ft to 700, 800, and even over 1000ft driveways, we got it. Call us and ask how we do it!

Our work

Mono, Dufferin, Amaranth, Essa, Adjala, New Tecumseth, and so much more!

Recycled Asphalt

"a" Gravel


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